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Everybody should have a go at designing their own GUMBOX. Its a chance to personalise your message, to let your staff, customers or pupils know the importance of not dropping Gum. Or perhaps just mix the practical with some advertising or an important message

Schools and Academies

If you run an educational establishment you will know the problems that Gum can cause

Ruined Carpets
Damaged clothes
Tangled in hair
Stuck under chairs and desks
Blocking up urinals
Making everywhere look shoddy

1. Adapt an existing design; just add the school name to an existing design

2. Keep it simple just add the school Logo to a Blank GUMBOX

3. Completely design your own Gumbox

Have you banned gum in school?

Well that’s a good start, but we all know they still bring it in to school and because it is banned will put it under chairs and desks when they have finished with it. So why not remind them by using our “Gum is Banned” range of bins. And if they have forgotten to discard the gum before they get in to school then at least they can do it properly.

CHEWING GUM BINS - Who should design their own               ?

Chewing gum bin designs

Many primary schools have banned chewing gum, however several studies have shown that if you check under the desk you will find up to 100 bits of used gum……. Don’t look under the chair!

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and Universities don’t usually have the luxury of banning chewing gum and as such rely more heavily on educating chewing gum droppers to use the bin and not the floor.

This is where the GUMBOX is excellent at helping explain why students should keep it off the floor.

Also it is difficult to put bins in lots of locations whereas the GUMBOX can be placed anywhere where chewing gum is causing a problem.

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