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Home Gumbox chewing gum bin

3 Easy steps to installing the [BIN]4 GUM







Fit the backplate to a place where you wish to install the B4G. Keep the ledge at the base as this will prevent the liner falling through. Use the screws provided or sticky pads can be used

Locate one of the back plate pin heads in to the keyhole slot on the back of the bin. Then it will be easier to locate the second one. Make sure the pins sit in the vertical part of the keyhole to help prevent the chewing gum bin being removed.

Then simply drop the bin liner in to the outer bin and you are ready to collect the discarded gum. You should be able to reuse the liner at least 2 or 3 times. A great chewing gum bin solution from GUMBOX.

Bin your gum chewing gum bin B4G Install