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Choose top and base from standard colours, metallics, Glo in the dark or bespoke







Glow in the dark

Standard Colours


These are our current Stock designs and  we will be adding to our selection fairly regularly.

If you don’t see an image that fits with your ideas, then why not design your own? It’s very easy just visit our design page to see how it’s done.

Latest Designs

The Brilliant new Luminous

Gumbox Chewing Gum Bin

Glow in the dark , great for lots of venues including

 The brilliant new Glow in the dark




For more info on designing your own GUMBOX

Choose from our latest chewing gum bin designs

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These are some of our stock designs and we plan to add to them on a frequent basis.

Or why not try and design your own

Vertical Monster Chewing Gum bin

Vertical Monster GUMBOX