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Exciting ground floor opportunity to add to your service portfolio

We are looking for the following key partners to help distribute the GUMBOX throughout the UK

A. Service companies in all 14 key areas of     the United Kingdom.
    For serviced distribution Learn More

B. We are seeking a single national sales
    organisation for product sales only.

The advantages are enormous to any potential Partner of the GUMBOX.

If you are a servicing company, the GUMBOX will provide you with a great environmentally friendly product that will compliment your own service portfolio. It is easily understood and installed with the minimum of training and involves no batteries or wiring.

It will provide you and your customers with high profile in your ‘eye line’ branding and can be produced with both your own and your clients logo, along with targeted advertising or a relevant health message.

Provide your clients with a truly valuable service by helping to keep chewing gum out of carpets and other flooring. Stop it from blocking up urinals and being stuck under tables and chairs. This will help cut down on your cleaning and help improve the image of your clients.

Schools, Colleges, Universities.

Sports halls and Stadiums.


Pubs, Social clubs and Nightclubs


Transport hubs, Trains, Buses, Planes, Ferries

Shops, Shopping Malls

Who are your potential customers?

Regional Opportunities available

We are offering serviced distribution in all
14 regions of the UK.

Key elements of distributor agreement:

To be a distributor we require an initial minimum purchase 150 complete GUMBOXES, after which there is no minimum requirement to continue. Unless there are no purchases within a 12 month period

Trade price based on Gumbox market retail prices discount.

Free initial personalisation of the GUMBOX tube as required.

Free additional personalisation for your clients. (Minimum 25 complete GUMBOXES).

Free design and production.

Contact us now 01902 271045

Email: info@chewing-gum.solutions

Contact us now 01902 271045

Email: info@chewing-gum.solutions

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