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All writing and main feature image
has to fit in this area of the

The background image and or the base image can wrap around to the back of the GUMBOX tube

If you don’t have a GUMBOX tube holder yet, then choose a colour from our colour swatch of standard colours

Or let us know your specific colour and we may be able to attach it to a colour run

Things to remember about designing your chewing gum bin

Be as imaginative as you want but remember the larger the wording the easier it is to be seen.

Simple images and simple messages will come across better and with more impact.

No celebrity pictures and preferably no recognisable people can be used unless that person has given permission in writing to be used.

Also no trade marks or registered designs without permission.

Finally we reserve the absolute right to refuse any design that we feel may contravene laws or cause offence

Remember; brighter colours are best

You can also mix and match lid and base

Actual Specifications


8 cm



The Background image/colour/pattern can be 17cm wide by 9cm high

The Main image and text needs to fill 8cm wide by 9cm high

Please state if;

You would like the background image/colour to run beneath the main image

If you have any pantone numbers for the colours

Please supply a good quality jpeg / png that can fit within these dimensions and please make sure you retain the original digital file as we aren’t able to guarantee the safekeeping of the one you send.


Alternatively just let us know roughly what you would like your design to be and we will attempt to match your ideas.

Or perhaps you would just like your logo adding to one of our standard designs




Designing your own GUMBOX has never been easier

It is estimated that a stick of waste chewing gum costing 5p can cost up to 30p to remove from the pavement.

See actual size & specifications

See our latest designs          

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