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The key is to make them as accessible as possible. People will only put gum in a bin if its less than 3 metres away

The GUMBOX  is easily installed on lamp posts and signposts

Men drop a phenomenal amount of gum in to urinals causing a fantastic  number of blockages every year. Placing a GUMBOX  on the wall above the urinals will greatly reduce this. So ideal in public toilets

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Either side of entrance doors to pubs clubs and restaurants. People want to dump their waste gum before going inside

Transport hubs are ideal, either on the bus or train or better still at the bus stop, try and catch gum droppers before they get on board

Dogs have been found to be highly intolerant to sorbitol- an artificial sweetener found in chewing gum which can lead to death

Cleaning the entire length of Oxford Street to remove chewing gum takes three months and during this process over 300,000 individual pieces of chewing gum are removed from the pavement.

It is estimated that a stick of chewing gum costing 5p can cost up to 30p to remove from the pavement.

By having an advertised gum clean up campaign some councils found a reduction of 30 -50% in the amount of gum deposited on the floor saving thousands of pounds. Imagine what it would be like to combine advertising with a big increase in the number of bins. Imagine being able to afford this, year in year out. Now you can with the GUMBOX

This is how your campaign can work for you !

1. Design your bin

2. Choose where to place them

3. We install them

4. We empty them on a regular basis

5. You can change your message on them regularly for free

6. Plus we will carry out an interim service on the first routine so that we can identify the best places to have them as early as possible

7. Weigh each collection and report back to you so you can see how well the campaign is working

8. Replace any damaged or worn out GUMBOX holders free of charge

9. We remove the waste chewing gum

Chewing gum campaign Chewing gum campaign


Save thousands of pounds with the GUMBOX

One of the first things a business improvement district does is to begin cleaning up the streets and most districts will start by steam cleaning. Unfortunately the biggest problem with this is that people will drop waste chewing gum on the floor within minutes of them being cleaned.

Chewing gum bin for business improvement districts

This is where the GUMBOX comes in

1. Provides a highly visual bin to attract gum users

2. So reasonably priced and versatile it can be placed in lots of places

3. Lets the public know the bins have been provided by your bid

4. Put any message on the GUMBOX to educate people about gum or to announce any district events

5. Because the GUMBOX is serviced by us it wont entail any extra cost for the council

No other chewing gum bin can do this for you….so let us help you design one now

Patented, manufactured and designed in the West Midlands

Chewing gum on pavement

Approximately 25 bits of gum in just one square metre

Better in a


than on the floor

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