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Selection of chewing gum bins
Gumboxes Leave or remain vote with your gum

The GUMBOX can now be installed using super strong earth magnets as well as sticky pads or screws. This makes it incredibly versatile and easy to install and replace. Allowing the GUMBOX to be even more efficient.

Set of three bin your gum bins

The original



Makes a limited return so if you want replacements or extra liners

Now the GUMBOX can be installed using super strong earth magnets

The Brilliant

- The chewing gum bin designed by you!

Designing your own GUMBOX

Love your chewing gum bin

Get the message across and make it personal

Design your own GUMBOX and perhaps design your own poll, a fun way to engage your clients, customers or staff.

Save thousands of £’s in gum litter cleaning costs

Each GUMBOX can collect at least 400 pieces of gum

Many councils claim it can cost between 30p and £1.40 to clean up each piece of dropped gum

Even if only 60% of the gum collected by each GUMBOX was destined to be dropped on the floor this means;

Each GUMBOX could save a whopping £70 every month*

* reduced waste chewing gum clean up costs

This is likely to be even greater by using the GUMBOX to get your message across effectively.

Gumbox, chewing gum banned in school

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The GUMBOX is a great chewing gum bin but what if you could also put a message on each GUMBOX to help educate people as to why they need to use the most versatile chewing gum bin ever?

Why not go all the way and send us your very own design .

It can be anything you want; use your own background picture; perhaps your school or business premises

Create your own message; make it personal to your environment or business. You know what your customers respond to, tailor your ideas to fit. Encourage them to bin their gum

Buy just 24 GUMBOX tubes and the art work is free… Yes free!

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Latest designs

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